Halbjorn's Wrath


The fury of a bear with supernatural powers


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Halbjorn's Wrath is a third-person action game in which the players control a bear with supernatural powers that has to defend its mountain territory from attack by a race of invading creatures trying to destabilize the forest ecosystem.

The game is controlled in a manner similar to God of War or Devil May Cry—that is, you control your protagonist from a rear vantage point and can carry out different types of attacks to defeat the enemies that come across your path.

You have three different attack types – the quick attack, the strong attack, and the carry attack – that you can combine as desired into 'combos.' With these three movements you can send your enemies flying through the air, crash them into each other, destroy them before they can attack, and much more.

Besides these attacks, the protagonist of Halbjorn's Wrath has a rage-mode attack in which your bear can wreak more havoc and carry out special assaults.

Halbjorn's Wrath is a third-person action game that, while it may not have a super-interesting backstory or characters, offers entertaining gameplay that isn't seen too frequently on computers.
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